Heritage Range Mattresses

We introduce to you Heritage by Silver Lining.

Sleep is a part of life, so much so that one third of your life is spent sleeping. On average 8 hours of each new day is spent fast asleep. Humanity has spent centuries redesigning ways to create comfortable and effective sleep and through this we have defined our Heritage range. A good night’s rest will redefine your personal and professional life guaranteed!

In this range, you will find the basic elements which constitutes a good all-round mattress. Without taking away from your individual idea and requirements of comfort. We covered all the basic elements from a deep quilted soft touch bamboo cover and a special woven knit side panels with the option of matching A grade 7 slate timber base not to be over shadowed by sound mattress stability and good balance between gentle and firm types of mattresses giving enough options to ensure you get the best of what you are looking for in a mattress. This range is designed to suit your pocket and budget perfectly without compromising on comfort and quality.

Truly the best value for your Silver Lining moments!

Heritage I

We start our range off with the Heritage 1 truly setting the bench mark by offering you the best of both worlds in a single mattress.

This mattress is ideal for the individual who cannot decide whether they prefer a gentle or firm sleep. Now you have the option of both in one product. This is also an ideal mattress for the hospitality industry where customer satisfaction is key – now these needs are met in the Heritage 1.

This mattress stands at the ideal height of 250mm boasting a generous three-layer carefully selected polyurethane foam, enabling us to deliver a one-of-kind sleep experience with the fourth and centre core layer comprising of re-bond foam enhancing the stability this mattress is renowned for.

Heritage II

The Heritage 2 is a dynamic product on many levels pushing the boundaries somewhat on that which meets the criteria of the Heritage range. This mattress stands at the ideal height of 250mm with its evolutionary non-turn re-bond foam foundation and upper layer of high-density temperature sensitive Memory Foam.

It has also redefined the benchmark of an enhanced sleeping experience with the hassle-free feature of never needing to turn your mattress again.

The luxurious Memory Foam layer reacts to your body heat while you sleep, moulding the temperature sensitive Memory Foam to the contours of your body. This creates a pressure relief system for your shoulders and hip regions. If you are someone who enjoys sleeping on your side and desire a firm mattress then this mattress has a lot to offer you. The third polyurethane foam layer found in the core of this mattress delivers the comfort and stability required.

A truly unique mattress.

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